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FIND's sketchmap website allows you to create, share, annotate and PDF your own maps. With no need to register or download any software, sketchmap is designed for you to simply use.

Other sites allow you to view maps and information, but at sketchmap we give you the means to really use them. Our user-friendly mapping toolkit allows you to annotate maps with shapes, text, symbols, styling, use measuring tools and save to PDF in a neat print template.

Additional layers give you instant access to a wealth of interesting information layers from respected UK sources. Just a couple of clicks will reveal administrative boundaries, national parks, heritage sites, bird sanctuaries, geology, greenbelt and much more.

Have a look at our help page for examples of how people have used sketchmap. The possibilities of its use are endless, from customising a wedding invitation to sharing the details and location of a local event, such as a major weather event.

sketchmap has been designed for you by FIND, who provide online mapping, services and consultancy for business and the public sector. sketchmap is for non-commercial use only; please see our terms and conditions for full details.

Mapping services

If you would like a bespoke mapping solution or white-label version of this site,

please email: enquiries@sketchmap.co.uk

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