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30.05.2015 sketchmap gets OpenStreetMap, OS maps and greenbelt layer

sketchmap now has two new map layers - OpenStreetMap and OS Maps, as well as greenbelt land for the whole of England.

We have added OpenStreetMap (OSM) with MapBox customisation to give the map a clean and attractive look. OSM was inspired by the success of wikipedia and contains crowdsourced contributions from thousands of users around the world. To view OSM on sketchmap go to the top-left of the map screen and select ‘Mapbox/OSM’ from the dropdown, or use the below link.

>View OSM on sketchmap

OS Maps - Explorer and Landranger
Two classic OS maps, Explorer and Landranger, can now be viewed for free on sketchmap. To view the OS Maps on sketchmap go to the top left of the map screen and select ‘OS Maps’ from the dropdown. You will need to be zoomed into the map at least half way to view these maps, as they do not display at higher scales. The OS Map will automatically switch to the more detailed 'Explorer' map at lower map scales.

>View OS maps on sketchmap

Greenbelt map
We have added a boundary layer of all official greenbelt land for the whole of England to the ‘scenic interest’ map layer section on sketchmap. To view greenbelt land just expand the scenic interest layers and tick the box next to ‘greenbelt land’, or click the below link.

>View green belt maps on sketchmap

30.01.2012 is now sketchmap

To go along with the new map sharing features, we are also taking the opportunity to rename the site. Sketchmap has all the functionality of our old site, but also allows easy sharing of any maps you create. In just a couple of clicks you can share a map via a link, Facebook or Twitter. When someone opens a shared sketchmap it will appear just as when you shared it, including any annotations you've made. That person can then edit the map and make their own version, and re-share it.

To get you started we've created some example sketchmaps: List of example sketchmaps

17.10.2011 Genealogy expert review of FIND Free Maps in 'Family History' magazine

"A good map can help us better understand the context of our ancestors' lives. A parish map, for example, can show us the parish where our family once lived... This free service could give genealogists a new insight into their research."

Read the full review (PDF)

04.09.2011 OS Blog on Open Data and

"There are organisations out there trying to help people make sense of, and more importantly, use of open data. One of those is Find Free Maps, a site built for the public by the people at FIND, a UK based mapping technology company. It's been developed to make mapping more accessible and to encourage wider and more imaginative use of geographic information."

Link to Ordnance Survey Blog: 'Making sense, and use, of open data'

30.03.2011 Read the latest reviews of

So far we have received tremendous support from the mapping and technology community since we launched earlier this month:

The Next Web: 'This easy-to-use Web app lets you customise the colours of just about every element of a map and makes adding text boxes, arrows, lines and shapes much easier than the standard Google tools.'
Link to full article

Google Maps Mania: 'Maps can be annotated with shapes, text, symbols and measuring tools and then saved to PDF in a neat print template.

A really nice feature of the tool is the ability to customise a Google Map through the 'Your Google Map' option. This feature utilises the Google Maps API Styled Maps functions. The 'Your Google Map' option allows users to change the colour of every feature on their Google Map to suit their specific requirements and preferences.'
Link to full article

Webdistortion: 'Makes great use of the open data out there on the web, and combines a crowdsourcing element with it to improve that data from people on the ground. Free for non commercial use, it has practical benefits for anyone interested in local data, and makes some of it that bit more consumable' Link to full article

30.03.2011 Join us on Facebook and Twitter

Have you got any uses of sketchmap you'd like to share? Please join us on our new facebook page and twitter account and let us know. Facebook page
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