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OpenStreetmap (OSM) is a collaborative project to create a free editable map of the world. It is made by anyone who wants to contribute. The initial map data was built from scratch by volunteers performing systematic ground surveys using a handheld GPS unit and a notebook, digital camera, or a voice recorder. This data was then entered into the OpenStreetMap database. More recently the availability of aerial photography and other data sources from commercial and government sources has greatly increased the speed of this work and has allowed land-use data to be collected more accurately.

sketchmap uses OpenStreetmap as one of four mapping and imagery backgrounds. View data layers and draw annotations on top of the OpenStreetMap background before PDFing your map for printing.


Called 'Urban detail' on sketchmap and available as a background layer from the dropdown list to the right of the zoom and pan tools.

Metadata table
Data sourceOpenStreetMap
Coverage areaWorldwide
Version date of dataset2011
Viewable/printable scalesAll zoom scales
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